Buen provecho :3

2021.09.17 19:18 These-Pangolin6906 Buen provecho :3

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2021.09.17 19:18 Onlyheretoreplylol Stab you with my cock hehehehehe

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2021.09.17 19:18 sloppifloppi [Rap] Packers EDGE Za'Darius Smith to IR

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2021.09.17 19:18 PointGodSam Donda a top 3 Album of Kanye!

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2021.09.17 19:18 Sab_MohMayaHai First Year GPA

Hi there, I am a first-year and I took an elective that does interest me but is very hard and I didn't really get a great prof. So I just wanna know if I should drop the course or not cause it will pull down my GPA overall. So, does the first-year GPA matter? and if it does, where and how?
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2021.09.17 19:18 zuzaeightynine [Intentional] Intense Face And Camera Brushing (No Talking)

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2021.09.17 19:18 Cameramanmanman What would the real job posting for your job look like?

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2021.09.17 19:18 Dubwali The Finale

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2021.09.17 19:18 Kooky-Sorbet-2504 $AYUR

Huge on it - besides from debt free, growing revenues, and large insider share holdings...
Upcoming Events to Watch For & time estimate

  1. Year End Financials --- waiting for audit to finish --- next week
  2. Health Canada approval for Bezelet (Israeli) products --- 60 day waiting period over --- next week * 3 more products will be added to AYUR's online marketplace (total will be 9) * Israel is considered world leader for cannabis research * Provincial approvals / orders will take 30 to 60 days after Health Canada approval * Available immediately to medical users (once approved by HC) and in dispensaries across Canada after provincial approvals
  3. Provincial approvals for Patient Care products: Fuego, Xplor, Prima Vida --- as early as next week (these products all have Health Canada approval)
  4. Provincial approvals for Joints Canada products --- already selling in Ontario dispensaries --- looking to expand. Approvals as early as next week.
  5. OTC listing. Takes 6 to 8 weeks. Application made July 21. Expected end of September.
  6. Phase ii expansion -- should be complete now --- needs HC approval. Not urgent as current capacity sufficient to meet demand, but means AYUR is ready for growth -- by mid to late September
  7. Green Bee HC approval. Mid October. Will then launch immediately on Marketplace. 30 - 60 days for Provinces...
  8. Innocan HC approval. Late October
  9. Her Highness HC approval. November.
Lots to watch for. Ayurcann is executing as promised. This is a ground floor opportunity.
What's most exciting is the types of products coming to market -- innovative and different -- will DEFINITELY be well received by the provincial boards. Her Highness, for example, has now spread into a half dozen US States. Would not be surprised to see that company go public in a merger or get swallowed up (it's a real mover and shaker). Then swallow up Ayurcann for the Canadian licenses and company set up (at a very nice premium, btw).
Interested to hear your guy's thoughts
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2021.09.17 19:18 ShahinP15 New to HBAR - Thoughts?

I started trading crypto 5 days ago and recently found out about $HBAR. I put some money in because of what I heard and am up a bit. Any projections for what people think this will be at soon?
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2021.09.17 19:18 Swebalebleb Blurted Spice Girl

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2021.09.17 19:18 GhostArtistYT Looking for stock radio

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2021.09.17 19:18 saltynerd14 the official twitter for Pakistan cricket tweeted this

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2021.09.17 19:18 the_Mango_ College Admission

Hello ! Idk this sub seems really active so I'll post here.
So I have chances for CSE in SVCE, From what I have heard the college management is money minded? But their alumni base is good and the placements too.
So can you guys tell me how much extra do you pay, do you have to pay unnecessary expenses even if you are from the Counseling seat?
And finally how do you compare SVCE with Coimbatore Institute of Technology and KCT and TCE.
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2021.09.17 19:18 Morinfon [For Hire] My commissions are open! I can do fullbody drawings for 10 USD! PM me if interested!

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2021.09.17 19:18 rescuefosteradopt 2 individual accts/portfolios?

I'm brand new so maybe this is stupid.
Can you have 2 individual investment accounts/ portfolio's? What I was thinking was one account with a classic portfolio but another with the SRI portfolio? When I go to "open new account" (at the top of the home page) it seems to let me but I haven't gone all the way through the application in case its only going to let me open it as an IRA.
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2021.09.17 19:18 JoshDPhenix My handsome gray boy Shoresy

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2021.09.17 19:18 thefiery77 My current ELO deck. What do you think? Preset link in bio

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2021.09.17 19:18 ChubbyCarkiss Question about new or old wrx clutches

I've had my 2021 limited for a few days shy of a month now and from day 1 I noticed that whenever I shift into gear from idle, the rpms will go up to 1k and then drop back down. Car doesn't move or jerk so it hasn't concerned me too much but I've never seen rpms move from idle speed when shifting into gear in my older manuals. Clutch is fully depressed, even went as far as staying parked at home, shoving the clutch to the floor as hard as I could and it still happens. I'm assuming this is intentional but I figured I'd ask.
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2021.09.17 19:18 Wny_Wolf So yesterday I was told by a neighbor that his garage was broken into, and it left me a bit anxious. I live in an apartment complex and the garages are seperate from the attached duplex-esque apartments. Unfortunately, my GCR layout is also in a garage. I pulled all my metal cars just in case...

So yesterday I was told by a neighbor that his garage was broken into, and it left me a bit anxious. I live in an apartment complex and the garages are seperate from the attached duplex-esque apartments. Unfortunately, my GCR layout is also in a garage. I pulled all my metal cars just in case... submitted by Wny_Wolf to modeltrains [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 19:18 ANSasori Pinhead just feels like a huge mess of garbage and the state of killers just starts to get dull playing as survivor.

Look i get it, he can do (put reason here). Yes, but did anyone think of what the payoff or anything else? I mean it just looks like people ONLY look at the upsides and disregard everything else. For every upside he has, you can at LEAST list 2 down sides, i do not see any reason to play this killer and he is just boring as all daylights (no pun intended) to fight against, sure he is good against bad players but we have enough of those killers, i want more top tier killers not because i want to make peoples lifes miserable but rather because i can not understand how someone finds it entertaining to only watch nurse and spirit (pyramid head/?hag?) all day long once you get good. I genuinely love playing against nurse (screw spirit tho) cause she actually provides each time a challenge to overcome. This game might as well have no other killers really for people who wanna get better at the game cause you are stripped of all choice besides 2 killers and on survivor .. well its basically drop pallette gallore, i just feel like this game is super unrewarding on both sides on higher skill levels cause one sides almost faces no risk and the other one is just a miserable exsistence of "either choose one of two killers or gg". Is it just me that ACTUALLY feels this way? All i see is people go at each others throats how THEIR side is miserable, yet they keep spending money making BHVR visibly not care 2 cents about the state of the game, cause we saw how fast they can act when it comes to it (see the origins of DS) which still took them multiple attempts but they often kept hammering until the community was not going nuts about it.
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2021.09.17 19:18 atlienk Blue Angels

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2021.09.17 19:18 ThatLousyGamer Human myths - Nehekhara

*Thirty meters left*
I stepped off the shuttle apprehensively many “People” around giving me weird looks from Stalks, Cluster and your average Compound eyes. I’d lived over 500 years, and I doubt I’d get used to this even in another 500.
*Ten meters left*
The reason for my apprehension was the beautiful ray of sunshine hitting the cool steel walkway of the station, “Beautiful” to anyone but my kind.
*Five meters*
The matriarch had assured us that this sector had no “Sun based faiths” and that we’d be able to walk unharmed in the light, but centuries of fear still lingered in me, my cold pale skin getting clammy at the thought of bursting into flames in the middle of this VERY alien station.
*And we’re here* I heard the matriarchs thoughts echo in my head.
She stepped in front of us all with a motherly smile and said aloud.
“This is a new age unlike any before, no longer will we be hunted or feared for our *Otherness*.”
Her gaze scanned over each face before spreading her arms and saying
“Welcome to our new home.”
I couldn't help but gasp and she backed into the light…..it really was….*Beautiful*
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2021.09.17 19:18 KaraC316 Making Fleece Liners

Do you need fabric scissors, or will regular scissors do the job?
What size liners are the most useful? I’m planning to cloth diaper from birth to potty training.
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2021.09.17 19:18 Pac- 10-Man Full PPR - Start Julio or Devonta Smith?

Dont know if Julios performance was a fluke/if Devonta's performance was a one-off
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