me (24M) and my boyfriend (22M), Lying by ommission, Advice Requested

2021.09.17 17:20 questionTower me (24M) and my boyfriend (22M), Lying by ommission, Advice Requested

me (24M) and my boyfriend (22M) have been dating for 2 years. Recently, I found out that he's still communicating with his past crush without telling me. He kinda lied about his level of closeness with this past friend/crush in the beginning of our relationship so I thought they were only acquaintances. I asked him to block this person but he couldn't and said he felt I was being too controlling (at the advice of his friends).
I asked him stop commenting on their social media and liking their posts but he still did it anyway after my request because he felt like I was being too controlling. Apparently, he and this person are close friends and I quote "share emotional closeness" together that he doesn't have with me because I'm more mental about my feelings. When I asked him why he didn't tell me about this friend, he said he doesn't tell me about all his interactions with his friends. Lie. He's always telling me about the personal lives of his normal friends. He also got incredibly angry at me when I brought this up. I also know this past crush personally and it's just fishy.
I read the messages and they seem friendly enough but my boyfriend is always complimenting this other person and a little too friendly if you catch my drift. He said it was an unconscious omission and because I was too toxic in the beginning of our relationship. And to be honest, I did have a lot of trust issues and was clingy in the beginning of our relationship but I got professional therapy for that. My gut is telling me something happened but my boyfriend maintains that he never cheated and nothing happened. I love him but this is confusing. I can't move forward without the whole truth. What do I do? Should I believe my boyfriend that nothing happened? I backed off and stopped asking him to block or not interact with this person since it made him so angry when I suggested it. It's hard to trust him.
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2021.09.17 17:20 andyjoe24 A Movie is available in TheMovieDb but JellyFin does not pull the metadata

I added a movie to my library following the regular naming convention
I can find the movie in the TheMovieDb. But JelllyFin is not displaying this movie in the UI even after repeating scanning of libraries. (There are other movies in the same directory which works)
Directory Structure and name
Movies |__Annabelle Sethupathi (2021) |__ Annabelle Sethupathi (2021).mkv

Link to TMDB :
Could you please help why this issue?
JF Version: 10.7.6 OS: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS x86_64 Install Method: Ubuntu Repository
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2021.09.17 17:20 elmapuche Detailing this filthy truck - I thought this might fit well in here

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2021.09.17 17:20 Maleficent_Sun6024 Any petting farms around Frederick MD?

I wanna do something fun with our toddler this weekend. Anyone know of any petting farms around Frederick that don't cost an arm and a leg?
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2021.09.17 17:20 DUELAC Amazing forest!!!

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2021.09.17 17:20 TrendsWide Afghan refugees in the United States will go to these states

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2021.09.17 17:20 -Spider-Man- Played a disturbed card that lost abilities due to Sludge Monster and I blocked and it died. The disturbed card ended up in my graveyard with no way to cast it. Anyone know the way this is supposed to work? (More in comments)

Played a disturbed card that lost abilities due to Sludge Monster and I blocked and it died. The disturbed card ended up in my graveyard with no way to cast it. Anyone know the way this is supposed to work? (More in comments) submitted by -Spider-Man- to MagicArena [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 17:20 he_never_sleeps If you bought this Axie from me - I want it back!

I sold this Axie by accident. If you are the buyer (or if you have a similar Axie), I'll buy it back for a higher price.
If you have a similar one, I'd definitely need Serious, Hermit and Rose Bud. Tail card is optional though I prefer an attacking card such as Gila. Must be Dusk with health 57+ and speed 40+. No Plants.
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2021.09.17 17:20 JustTheRealNews HHS Announces $350 Million to Strengthen Maternal and Child Health Across the Nation

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2021.09.17 17:20 Ananastya98 3 informative twitter posts
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2021.09.17 17:20 TrendsWide Is CryptoGT a Viable Option? 2021

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2021.09.17 17:20 FBAThrow (Rant) Why I’m Fed UP and Why I Almost Quit - Friday jam Session

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2021.09.17 17:20 MillennialBets Posts on IRNT Hedging Are Wrong: From the Person Who Predicted Gamestop

Author: u/StarSwitch(Karma: 25719, Created: Apr-2020).
Posts on IRNT Hedging Are Wrong: From the Person Who Predicted Gamestop on WallStreetBets
PICTURES DETECTED: this DD post is better viewed in it's original post
TLDR: MM's don't have to buy millions of shares at close. It's closer to 500-300k. Options are hedged over their lifetime retards and not just with shares. But YOLO $60c or $25P if you want a good bet
Off the bat, I'm not trading IRNT. However there are posts like this, this, and this gaining traction clogging up my feed and they're so fucking wrong it'd be criminal if it wasn't ignorance. Modeling delta hedging and gamma squeezes happens to be my thing, I invented the model for it which notably predicted something you may have heard of. (here)
I'm not here to make friends but to save a few people some dollars because the info they're working with is flawed outright wrong. Generally there's this idea MM's have to buy millions and millions of shares today after close.

If the stock closes above $45, MM’s will be forced to buy 5 MILLION additional shares. They will fight us and spread FUD because they know that they are fucked

If every one of them is exercised, market makers will need to buy roughly 9 million shares to fulfil their obligations

if we buy and hold shares to go above 45$ by Friday, we can trigger an infinite squeeze.
This is just fundamentally wrong and misunderstands how market making of options is performed.
Market makers don't just buy a million shares on the expiration date. That would be insane and frankly, people smarter than either of us are on the other side. Some moron with a piece of chalk came up with the equation called Black Scholes. It describes American options pricing well enough so we'll use that one. MM's usually use a mix of binomial tree and Monte Carlo models but you can read up on those later.
Delta Δ is the rate of change with respect to price. In the BS model that is Δ = ∂C = Φ(d1). Now that doesn't mean anything but think about Δ as the % chance an option expires itm (implied moneyness). This is also the directional risk for a MM who wrote the contract. MM's have to hedge all their directional risk for a few reasons not limited to 1. going bankrupt 2. taking positions against clients. They make their money from scalping the B/A and IV crush. (Options are priced that if Δ neutral, the MM makes money if IV decreases and loses if it increases)
Here's the first important thing. The directional risk Δ of a contract is hedged over its lifespan. Not just all at once. So all those contracts people are talking about, most of them are already hedged.
Second, MM's hold both sides of the trade on the books, i.e puts and calls. These positions balance out in a directional sense so you need to look at the net Δ, not just outright call buying. MM's can buy back the call contract on expiration with the put premium and take a much smaller loss than you'd think.
Third, options can be hedged with other options because of this exact scenario. Then the net remaining directional risk can be hedged while trading fewer shares. Options aren't all written with underlying shares. Think about spreads. "You created" two contracts, sold one bought the other, and created two contracts on one lot of shares someone else owns. Same idea applies here.
So with that said we can take a look at the options chain.
This is a good view on how the chain is moving shares around. The spot when I modeled this was ~$41. The bars correspond to the amount of shares being bought for contracts of each strike when the spot moves through a $1 range of the spot on either side. The abnormal things here are the changes around $30, $45, and $60. That's not super helpful but those are the strikes the underlying is going to be pushed towards one way or the other. It's not going to stay around $40.

However I did do the math of call deliverables for today and importantly I did it correctly. If we assume that "magical" closing price of $45, then we hedge all the contracts $45 and under 100%. Everything else is zero. Then we look at the difference between how the contracts are hedged now to get the max shares needed to deliver on every contract. This comes out to 2.34M shares MAX. Even worse, maybe 30% of those will be exercised. Probably closer to 15% which is 351000 shares settled. A bunch will be cash settled (bought back), atm contracts may not get exercised if it's a net loss, and if the owner is extra special they may totally forget to exercise.
There's the problem with the posts above. There's a critical misunderstanding of how market making works and its going to lose people money. Thats all folks.
If you so desire, I'd trade around the above significant strikes. 55c betting on 60 or a short play for $25p
TickerDatabase entries updated:
Ticker Price
IRNT 33.85
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2021.09.17 17:20 Supernova008 So accurate!

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2021.09.17 17:20 TheOneTEM since anit is a pirate captain, and i'm a king...

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This License allows u/antianit and crew to loot any seafaring vehicle not belonging to a member of the European Union or the People's Republic of China, using u/antianit's ship.
  2. All ships looted are to be logged on this License. If note space is filled, the license must be renewed.
  3. No hurting the crew of the ship.
  4. 50% of the proceeds per ship must be directly forwarded to me.
  5. The captain of the ship bound to this license must make me one (1) sandwich per vehicle looted.
  6. If the captain and/or crew fails to comply with the terms listed above, I may fire missiles at the ship bound to this License anytime at my discretion :)
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2021.09.17 17:20 mai_hoon_jiyaan Fun date ideas

Where can we (23M-21F) go on a fun date, I can't figure out anything other than these cafes and lounges
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2021.09.17 17:20 TheRealBazza23 Golf lessons

Hi Guys,
Just wondering what price I should be expecting for lessons in the U.K. A local club has quoted £50 per hour or 90 for 2 hours. Never having a lessons before I have no idea if that is reasonable or not. Any ideas?
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2021.09.17 17:20 LegalSeaworthiness76 🐵 BNBApes - Stealth Launch - Very low marketcap - If u miss xrp apes this is the one for you easy 10000x from here

Recently I stumbled upon this project a few days ago and was wondering why no one is investing on it. Since I joined I've been a part of their Telegram group and its such a fun and lively community of APES! This is seriously a very undervalued project. Let me explain to you why!
I've had a hard time deciding to investing due to all scam coins and rug-pulls. I can't willingly put my money somewhere it could be taken away from me by some ill mannered people.
This is why BNBAPES is such a relief, because it is a decentralized protocol and there is no owner or team. There are volunteers in the community putting crazy hours on this, I think they don't even sleep ( LOL! ) to build out the project and the community.
This is the safest place I've ever seen because there was no ownership on the contract. Ever! This was made possible through a unique launch method where the contract was sent some BNB and then after that a community member launched it. It wasn't launched by the contract creator!
BNBAPES, ($BNBAPES) is an outsourcing service done the Defi way. With crypto integrated, we allow for anonymity and faster transactions than ever to get your most essential projects complete. Find creatives, managers, and more on our platform both new and experts in their field. Together with our tokenomics, holders will benefit by receiving BNB whenever a transaction takes place, meaning that every time a service is paid for, you get a small cut as well
Please just check it out you don't want to miss this opportunity. I promise you won't regret it!
Great features:
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
2% fee to liquidity pool
1% Marketing.
7% reflection
🐵 Contract Address: 0xb97744be758213c33bd6d2a375ef7cd0fef1504b
🐵 Renounced Ownership:
🔒 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.17 17:20 Oxxixuit We all love to hate rich people, but to change, what are some unknown billionaires you have good things to say about ?

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2021.09.17 17:20 Righthandspam Please, please help me charge a watch

I have a Samsung galaxy SM-R800 smart watch and I am trying to charge it. I put my iphone on the charger pad and it works fine. Constant blue light is good. I put my watch on and it blinks blue non stop. The manual is shit and says a blue blinking light means “protection mode initiated”. Idk what that means and it doesn’t explain any further. I can’t find the brand charger but it’s a 10W from Argos. Input is DC5V/2A, 9V/1.67A. Output 10W max. Frequency band 108.17kHz- 188.14kHz. Compatible with QI- enabled devices.
Please help I’d really appreciate it. I was recommended this by the shop assistant. Thank you.
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2021.09.17 17:20 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Diana Silvers

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2021.09.17 17:20 TrendsWide Antonio Senatore Joins VeChain Foundation as new Steering Committee member

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2021.09.17 17:20 poyochama New character now or after new styles are released?

When are you all starting your new characters for the new specializations? On the plus side of starting now you can have all skill points ready by release. On the down side you waste a makeover kit or maybe regret choosing that class I guess this question is only for those actually starting new characters
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2021.09.17 17:20 Realmexe_YT PILOTS PUSH!!! 2 MORE HOURS VOTE

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2021.09.17 17:20 sunshineshrew Sand dollars

Looking for sand dollars if you have any taking up precious space in your inventory!
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