She's breaking through!

2021.09.17 17:36 rolandatlas She's breaking through!

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2021.09.17 17:36 ObiWahnKenobi Can someone judge my financial position before I jump into REI househacking?

Hello, literally any advice would be extremely helpful! I’m gonna go through my wants and then my financial position.
BACKGROUND: My girlfriend and I recently graduated college and she started as a elem school teacher ($47k/year), and I just started at a a stock brokerage ($57k/year) near Minneapolis, probably potential for $65-70k next year.
By going to a cheaper school for 2 of my college years and working full time since I was 16 I was able to graduate debt free (in all fairness I got a $10k boost from my parents and grandparents). On the other hand my girlfriend of 5 years (who I intend to marry soon) is straddled with about $60k in debt. Ngl I’m kinda nervous about that amount.
OUR PLAN: We are planning on buying a duplex to househack in October of 2022 when our current rental lease expires. Mostly because my girlfriend does not want to downgrade our current standard of living through Househacking at the moment we are looking to househack a 2500-3250sqft duplex that roughly we would spend around $250-325k in Minneapolis. For something like this in my market I believe I should be able to rent out one side of a duplex for $1300-$1500 quite easily.
CURRENT FINANCIALS: Cash on hand: $10k Cash in Roth IRA: $5k
Oct 2022 realistic financial goal: Cash on Hand: $20k Cash in Roth IRA: $15k
Where questions swirl about our future is the year (late 2023) or early 2024 when we will probably want to buy our first single family home, or if we will want to househack again.
TLDR: Question: Will my girlfriend and I have enough money making around $110k/year, ~$35k cash on hand to handle $60k student debt, $300k duplex househack, and probably $250-300k single family home 1-2 years later?
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2021.09.17 17:36 squarecicle How to grow my “animation” channel

Disclaimer: this post will probably only make sense if you know about gmod, SFM and TF2
My incredibly small channel that I’ve recently picked up again and started uploading on is an animating channel, basically. I’m working on a big project so I’m uploading daily short videos as filler videos, basically.
My style right now that I’m going for is that gmod animating look, like StblackSt although I use SFM because I find it easier.
Has anyone got any tips how to grow an animating channel? One big problem I instantly find is that I put titles that aren’t “searchable” on my videos, so people have to actually stumble across them.
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2021.09.17 17:36 sofielovesshopping Friday Workout to Work Shades of Black & Gray Fit: See details in comment

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2021.09.17 17:36 thecravenone 27/F, moving to HTX from LA, will I be able to survive on $165k? Thoughts on this budget?

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2021.09.17 17:36 JadedPassage9771 COMO FAZER UMA MESA DE SINUCA NO MINECRAFT

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2021.09.17 17:36 mythighhurts A goodnight kiss from Katya ft. Her periscoping at the tv for 15 minutes

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2021.09.17 17:36 ACES2ACES What do you think of having card titles in 2/3 languages?

Hi, Working on a card gane that is language inependent, and there's sane spare space. What donyou think of featuring English & Japanese in the title? Like "the hero" twice in two different languages. Is it a good idea? How can I do it in a good way? And should there be a third one? Thanks.
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2021.09.17 17:36 ItzDerpDavid How to use Alt automatic selection while Emulate 3rd mouse button is active?

It's a simple issue but as much as I've googled it nothing's popped up, my question is:
If I wanted to select the edges that make up a loop cut with alt but emulate 3 mouse button is on does the hotkey for selecting edges change to like ctr + alt or something like that?
My current method is whenever I'm done using grease pencil and want to go back to model new objects, I go to the preferences window > input > mouse > turn off emulate 3 mouse button, and everything works fine again, I just wanted to know if there was some way to cut all those annoying steps out or if that is the only way to switch back and forth?
(Sorry if the explanation was weird i don't 100% know how to describe it.)
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2021.09.17 17:36 kobony Original Art Acrylic/Ink Painting,100W x 100H x 6D cm,Jake O F Modern,Conceptual,AbstractAbstract. Inks,Circles,Colour,Orange,Fluid,Spectrum,Movement,Molten

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2021.09.17 17:36 goodgoodbeans69 What is something you wish you knew before finishing the game?

Me, I wish I knew I could hold A/X to automatically ride in cinematic mode, that would've been so cool to do in certain rides. What about you?
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2021.09.17 17:36 turtleycool38 Me dwelling and obsessing so much over when I need to come out to other people is starting to take away the fun and happy feelings you get when you feel attracted/interested in someone

Tbh I can't have other people thinking I'm weak
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2021.09.17 17:36 AndrewHeard Why do we sleep? A quantitative theory unlocks the mysteries of why we sleep

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2021.09.17 17:36 Charles_Magnus800 How much silver is transacted off-exchange?

Is there good data on how much silver is bought by manufacturers directly from miners or non-exchange distributors? If there is such burgeoning demand for silver in electronics, solar, etc, one might think there is a gigantic parallel doesn't seem like TESLA trucks likely pull up at COMEX every month to haul away their supply.
Besides the most well-heeled of Apes and PSLV, who actually takes delivery from COMEX?
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2021.09.17 17:36 punjabileaks Jojo 34 Uncensored – Comparisons

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2021.09.17 17:36 MoOnnaBloc How to get back to playing football?

I'm a sophomore at a local community college in Nj right now, majoring in Engineering. I played OL/DL in high school, while I was planning on closing the door on football because I got only D3 attention/D2 attention due to me being undersized at my position (5'11" 195) and the fact that I wouldn't have gotten any aid because of my subpar grades. I just can't let go of the feeling of the football and feel like I should give it another go considering I'm only 18 and grown to 6'1 215 pounds and been working out since I graduated high school.
I started my juniosenior year at the OL/DL and my coaches said my tape looked good I just would have to switch positions which I wanted to anyway. I know no eligibility got taken away from the first year after I graduated high school due to the pandemic but I was just wondering how y'all think I should go about getting back on the field or even if it's worth a try at all.
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2021.09.17 17:36 xasthurxasthur What is absolutely beautiful to you?

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2021.09.17 17:36 FacesOfScranton Saw this on a walk, and it struck me. Had to take a pic.

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2021.09.17 17:36 blueberrycobbler1 With all the craziness that’s going on in the world, what’s your biggest fear and why?

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2021.09.17 17:36 SzegedNewsBotka Újabb 11 határsértő Csongrád-Csanád megyében

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2021.09.17 17:36 mvik121 Which of you peasants wants to pay for my pedicure?

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2021.09.17 17:36 CNSMaryland Maryland to start Apple's electronic credentials program

Maryland will join other states to introduce Apple's digital identification program, allowing residents to carry electronic credentials through their mobile driver's license in Apple Wallet.
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2021.09.17 17:36 Jormundgnder What is that green glow on some rewards of the free mastery pass?

For example, I just completed level 3, which is supposed to give you 2 uncommons as a reward, but before I got to it it had this green glow around and once I completed it the rewards never came. The glow appears on more rewards, like the ones for level 7 and 9. Anyone knows what's up with it?
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2021.09.17 17:36 cryptoworld7827 OMG Over 1000% APY only on Harvest Finance 😲😲😱🌾

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2021.09.17 17:36 Successful_Candy_688 Theories and things to consider before season 23 & 2 premiere of SVU & OC

With the premiere of both these shows coming out next week, I want to share some thoughts and theories as to what to expect. Since there’s a lot touch on, I’ll just limit it to 3 things: Kat and Garland, EO (and the freaking letter), and the timeline.

  1. Kat and Garland: While the departure of Garland was sad, I couldn’t say it was shocking, since they made a few hints at it in the season 22 final. Kat’s departure however, is unexpected. I do have my own theory as to why she’s being written off but that’s a discussion for another time. But with her leaving too, it makes me rethink Garland’s ending. As of now my theory is that Garland will live but the case with the Congressman will unfortunately push him out of SVU. And Kat will either die or be extremely shaken by an event in the premiere that will make her leave. Knowing WL’s way of crushing his characters, I think option 1 seems the most likely, but let’s hope for the best.
  2. EO and letter: I think both season’s are definitely going to give us more EO but I don’t expect a kiss until the final. I think the show runners and writers are doing their best to give EO time but also not drag it out too much, so they can please as many fans as possible. As for the letter, let’s clear something up. Some think Elliot was going to read it at the ceremony but this is incorrect. Elliot opted out on a speech and wrote a letter instead. He said he was going to give it to her that evening. Point begin: it was always intended to be a private gift. Only she would know what was in it. With this knowledge, we know that the contents of the letter is intimate enough that it was best to read in private.
Of course we have to take into account Olivia’s attitude at the end of OC’s pilot. She spent a good portion of their interactions distant and closed off. It was only after reading it that she softened up. Both Ilene and Chris have hyped the letter and how it’s contents will cause “riots”. I think that word is used on purpose because it’s hot enough to get people excited, but vague enough to assume the worst. But I think it’s safe to say that Elliot does have feelings for Olivia and the letter will shed light on that fact. Theory: I think the letter addresses something that happened between them before he left. Between seasons 8-12. Not gonna say what though.
  1. Timeline: So season 23 takes place where 22 left off. Rollisi ditched the “not wedding” and went to the courthouse to get frisky. I also heard somewhere that OC season 2 is supposed to take place at least 3 months from where it left off. That would explain Elliot’s beard and Bell’s new hairdo (and even Olivia’s longer hair). So I think it’s possible that SVU will have a time jump too after the “not-wedding”. This will also please fans who don’t want EO to immediately become a thing (which I agree. I want these feelings acknowledged but I don’t want them to be a couple just yet.) and also give the world of the shows some time to breathe and develop.
But the accident, Olivia’s dress, and EMT Elliot with a beard….yeah what the hell? My guess is that there were some scenes filmed for last season that will be used at the beginning of the premiere. Olivia will drive back home but then get run over. She hallucinates EMT Elliot and…I honestly don’t know… Why does she imagine he has a beard? It makes no sense. Did she secretly always wanted him to have a beard? How can he have no beard in one scene and then a full beard the next? Unless maybe this accident doesn’t take place the night of the “not-wedding” but another night and she just happens to wear the same dress. 🤨Why make her wear the same dress back to back? I don’t know. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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