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Dark Souls 3

2021.09.17 17:45 SkilledSlackerr Dark Souls 3

Just finished editing Part 2 come check it out @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmj2m97hdkc
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2021.09.17 17:45 kobony Original Art Acrylic Painting,30W x 21H x 0D cm,Petro Ryaska Abstract,ExpressionismLandscape. Wide Top,Transcarpathia,Etude,Bukivtsovo,Painting

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2021.09.17 17:45 I_Has_A_Hat What is the most beautiful place to see in your state/country?

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2021.09.17 17:45 ZeldaLinkSword Where do I go?!!!!!!! Yakuza 7

Where the heck do I go to start the stupid business mini game? I’m on Chapter 12 and now I am blocked from progressing the story until I get $3M. I’m about to quit this game if it’s gonna take a long grind. I hate when games do this. I’m trying to enjoy the story and combat, I don’t want to grind and do stupid shit.
Any help is appreciated. I don’t even know where to go to start the Business mini game and I really don’t want to run around and take 10 pictures of 10 statues and I don’t know where the pawn shop is either.
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2021.09.17 17:45 cellis12 Taco Bell testing monthly taco subscription service

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2021.09.17 17:45 2006pow Do y’all know how much it’s worth

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2021.09.17 17:45 Fredwards_ Boris Johnson is my favourite _____.

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2021.09.17 17:45 Flaky_Thanks_2517 [PS4] H: Forest asylum set W: offers

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2021.09.17 17:45 walmartshrek Looks like papi is losing his bird nest hair.

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2021.09.17 17:45 Russian_Bear296 I.V Stalin , October Revolution Parade at Red Square , Moscow ( November 7, 1941 )

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2021.09.17 17:45 deftfoxx We all know Le Monarque and Two-Tailed Fox Need Catalyst, but What Would Their New Perk Be?

They are my two favorite exotics in the game, and sadly, as we know, they both don't have catalyst. What do you think their new perk would be if Bungie ever gives them one?
Le Monarque:
I think beside orbs, giving it poison shot every time would be neat. Or just overall increased poison damage.
Two-Tailed Fox:
Maybe a third rocket that does Arc? I honestly don't know, I'm not good at this game.
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2021.09.17 17:45 NickyNichols A motorcyclist was hit on the Blue Ridge Pkwy the other day, does anyone know if the guy is ok?

It happened around 10:30am on Tuesday. It appeared there were a lot of people on the scene.
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2021.09.17 17:45 dreamsofchilling Requesting mods to open a megathread for lisa solo again

Like every day multiple post are being made regarding her solo & so mods people really aren't done discussing about her so could you please be a generous God & again open a megathread for her like uko sub mod did... On a side note Don't know what flair to use
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2021.09.17 17:45 AppearanceMinimum801 Haircut

What is the minimum amount of hair I can show up to recruit training with? This is because I wear a No.1 all over year round. Will I get in trouble for this?
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2021.09.17 17:45 savvycircuit What is this?

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2021.09.17 17:45 ten876 Thunderbolt Firmware Update

Hello, I just got a notification about installing a "Thunderbolt Firmware Update "(Windows 10 Version 1709 or Later) - 10 [64]" Which I don't know what it does exactly, but I remember seeing some posts saying they got issues after updating this but I'm not sure.
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2021.09.17 17:45 TheSkyDweller I don’t see many people mentioning my favorite uncle around here

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2021.09.17 17:45 XIMMIXDJ JUMPUP

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2021.09.17 17:45 111UKD111 SURPRISE VACATION STREAM!!!!! 9.16.21

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2021.09.17 17:45 ILoveDCEU_SoSueMe Does trading in a cash only account be met with a broker's capital requirements and be halted?

International ape here. I don't have much choices here with brokers. I'm current using 2 brokers whose partners are DriveWealth and ViewTrade Securities(Apex as clearing corp). Even though my account is cash only, the US partner broker suspended trading in January. I asked my broker if it can happen again, he said there is a possibility.
I asked him why there would be a halt when my account is cash only. Waiting for his response.
Can anyone confirm me this? The trading halt was due to broker not meeting margin requirements only, right? This shouldn't happen for a cash only account.
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2021.09.17 17:45 daksh999 Sneaky queue jumping

You would think that most people you know wouldn't jump queues. Certainly at a supermarket checkout this would be unusual, what if the people in the queue were oblivious to the queue cutting though, would people's behaviour be different? I have observed some underhand queue cutting on the freeway south for several weeks now. I have been driving into the city at 4/4:30 PM on the southbound Mitchell freeway. As I drive past the Vincent Street exit, there is traffic banked up in the left 2/3 lanes as there is congestion from the disaster of the narrows merge (recently voted perths worst merge). However this traffic doesn't impact me as I'm exiting at the Wellington/Roe exit and continuing straight to St Georges. During this time, there are always 10+ cars who seem to be exiting at the same exit, cutting through the city and rentering the freeway south just before the narrows merge, presumably in an effort to bypass the 10 minutes in takes in traffic to get to the merge point. Not only is this queue jumping it is also making the flow of traffic slower as there are more cars merging into an already poorly designed merge. While this manuvere isn't strictly illegal, if you're doing this, you're a terrible person. End of rant.
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2021.09.17 17:45 SeniorBustanut Honestly, Rabbit kinda cracked if there's a lot of enemies per wave.

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2021.09.17 17:45 FiteMeHore How do you deal with people close to you in your life who get upset with you based on bullshit partisan politics?

I’ve had numerous conversations with friends and family over the years- some quite vitriolic- about politics. I’m not loyal to left or right; I think both are having a rough time getting a hold of their crazies from sucking up all the air in the room which is why polarization is as bad as it is.
The issue is, is that often times I’ve had people get mad at me for my lifestyle choices, and when I ask them why it’s usually some bullshit partisan reason. Of course, this isn’t a big deal if the persons not close to you, you can just ignore them. But with close family and friends, I’m not sure how to appropriately deal with it.
An example of someone once close in my life who leans left- a friend from college- I told her that I like to volunteer to pick up trash because I want to affect how we treat the climate because at the end of the day, we’re all affected by climate change, it doesn’t matter who we are. Later, when we were debating something, she used that statement I made to say I was actually saying All Lives Matter and that I’m actually racist???
Now using climate change again, here is an example of someone on the right. Once I was at this science and engineering museum at the National mall in DC with my father. There’s a section about climate change. We ended up getting into an argument because I was just reading the informations on the displays. I asked him what his problem was and he was telling me how he didn’t want us wasting time reading the “fake news and about the climate change hoax”.
What do I do? Like, I get people are just gunna say “cut them out” but like I don’t understand how me living my normal life ends up triggering people. How do I avoid this kind of stuff? What is the proper response when I encounter it?
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2021.09.17 17:45 Psychological-Age866 The Real Cause of China’s Alibaba Crackdown

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2021.09.17 17:45 IntnsRed Giant fire-resistant blanket wrapped around base of world's biggest tree, a sequoia in California's Sierra Nevada

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