This aj4 university blue looks good to me. Really appreciate your opinion about the sneaker guys, is it good for you too?

2021.09.17 17:19 mysticYarrow This aj4 university blue looks good to me. Really appreciate your opinion about the sneaker guys, is it good for you too?

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2021.09.17 17:19 formula1raceing r/formula1 - We've had six different teams win a race in the last 1 year and 1 month

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2021.09.17 17:19 AmericaButNobodysJoe Average 196 user

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2021.09.17 17:19 hopeless_wanderer44 What “As Seen on TV” products have you tried and recommend?

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2021.09.17 17:19 meatballer Petty Questions for Islm

I am not religious and I have been spending some time lately with a tabletop game called Infinity. This game is set a century or two in the future, and in the setting there has been a revolution in Islamic thinking that has led to a multicultural union of Islamic people focused on science and philosophy called Haqqislam.
Haqqislam is the faction I’ve chosen to play. I love their aesthetic and the underdog feeling of not being as strong as the other powers in the game, but having perhaps the best society.
So here are a series of questions this has left me with.
1.) what do you all think of the proposed sci of future? I for one think that unifying Muslims would be WONDERFUL for global representation, but I do expect it would take a revolution in thinking to prevent factionalism from breaking up all attempts. (All attempts that weren’t first broken up by world powers afraid of the Islamic world being harder to push around).
2.) some of the people I play with mock my army by calling them terrorists. Since they aren’t the strongest military there IS an element of asymmetrical and Guerilla warfare, so I don’t always have a good reply., except to mock their faction for ITS flaw. What do you think you would say?
3.) I recently saw the “Names of Allah” list and thought it would be neat for my soldiers to have Calligraphy on their armor somewhere. Would this be inappropriate? If I painted Ar-Raqīb on the miniature for example?
Thanks for taking your time to help with questions about a silly miniatures game. I keep feeling like I have a responsibility to represent Haqqislam well, but I don’t know much about Islam.
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2021.09.17 17:19 Fickle_Anteater6967 👑ProtonDOGE Launch today x100 LP LOCKED 100% 👑Renounced Ownership:

👑ProtonDOGE Marketing Plans: Promoted Coins on Coinsniper and Coinhunt, Huge Twitter and YT Marketing, Cute TG Stickers, Reddit Posts, Applying to CMC, CG and TechRate Audit, Weekly Giveaways, investing in Tech and Start Ups that can provide solutions to global problems , etc. Stay Tuned! 🔥
As I always say. PLEASE do your own research before investing. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose. Any project is not without its potential pitfalls, so be smart! That being said, I highly recommend this project!
Genie will always have your back no matter how crazy it gets in the crypto world!
But for this to work and make the quest easier….
BUY - Buy your genie tokens from a supported platform (min 200 million tokens required for BNB rewards and for the lottery)
HODL - It can be scary with these perilous creatures, but genie will look after you so hold those tokens tight. (min 200 million tokens required for BNB rewards and for the lottery)
SUPPORT - Shill, vote and engage in the community this will make the magic stronger
💰Supply -50T💰
🤑Tokenomics Buy/Sell:
3% Marketing & Development
2% Liquidity
1% Lottery In BNB
🔥Manual burns🔥
🤓Ability to change max tx and max wallet holdings🤓
👾Classic arcade games,NFTS and wallet, trading card game……..much more planned👾
🏆Giveaways and competitions🏆
👑Contract: 0x64a56c6a4dca2c2653bb6e6b11ec6b073bcc0d42
👑Pancakeswap :
👑 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.17 17:19 UnlikelySpider67 18M looking for new online friends.

Hello, I am a 18 y/o men and I’m looking for someone (I prefer a girl) who can be my long term friend. I just want to chat with eachother about what we do in life and maybe help eachother with problems. DM if you’re intrested.
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2021.09.17 17:19 Ihateregistering6 Question on Mythic spells, and quick class question

Pretty much just starting a game and I'm wargaming my character build. 2 questions I was thinking of:
-When it comes to Mythic spells, can any character learn them (ie. if you're a non-spellcasting class you can still learn them)? If yes, what stat is used to cast them? Are they always considered innate (so use charisma)?
-If you select Fighter-Armiger as your base class, but then take Hellknight later on as a Prestige class, do you pick a second order? Or is that feat basically just wasted and you stick with the original order you selected?
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2021.09.17 17:19 PokeStar31 Bumblebee butt

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2021.09.17 17:19 zingsign1 33 [m4f] Talk to me. Online/anywhere.

I have other posts and r4rs in my history if you'd like to get a glimpse of who I am. Otherwise, I'm pretty quiet, introverted and just seeking a bit of company during my days. Talk to me about anything. I'm not from the US if that means anything.
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2021.09.17 17:19 Hatchett5909 White women do what with dogs?

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2021.09.17 17:19 Nightwarper What is the name of that fast food restaurant with the logo being a star with a face? It has burgers and curly fries.

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2021.09.17 17:19 Bludstained Quest progression in rs3?

Finished lunars and slowly grinding out random quests here and there and about 1500 total. What are some of the mid-level questing goals outside of lunar diplomacy to aim for in rs3?
I've mostly been grinding for plagues end but I think it will be a bit before I get 75 herb and prayer.
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2021.09.17 17:19 Redrrum77 Question for the muslims

Is Friday prayer still happen at local mosques every week I’m asking cuz of rona I remember they shut it down whoever knows lmk
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2021.09.17 17:19 Fancy_Yesterday9663 UXIE RAID ON ME JOIN FAST!!!! 2220 4575 1120

Add me
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2021.09.17 17:19 thirdeyefell note the video banner - supporting invited performers get fair compensation at Big Name University 🎤“Anything I can do do you ought to do better”🎶

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2021.09.17 17:19 futurenoomp010 The face of lust

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2021.09.17 17:19 McTruite Asking for a friend

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2021.09.17 17:19 BestInspector 210917 sbsyoungstreet Instagram Updates with Wendy

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2021.09.17 17:19 Adamanos Should I switch to controller?

I'm a plat 1 playing on mouse and keyboard. I keep seeing all the pros playing on controller and was wondering should switch. I usually don't play on controller however with this game I'm thinking it might be beneficial. What do you guys thin? Would it be a good idea to switch even though I'm not used to playing with the controller?
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2021.09.17 17:19 Dkcboi Scott the Woz Listens to PQ music

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2021.09.17 17:19 Dontshrinkmyshorts Question re. minimum student loan repayment

When people say to pay the minimum on their OSAP right now considering interest rates are so low and you will likely beat any interest incurred with your investments’ returns, does that “minimum” imply maximum loan repayment length?
I ask because I’m a recent grad that will begin payments this November and am looking to setup my plan. I’m lucky that my provincial loans only account for 3% of my $20k OSAP debt, so I assume it makes most sense to choose the longest repayment term, make minimum payments, ride the federal interest-free period, set aside a portion of the assumed “savings” each month to apply towards a lump sum to use slam down post interest-free period, and then readjust my payment plan? Does that make sense? Do you see something that could be improved?
I know I’ll still be charged interest on my provincial portion but I feel there’s not much I can do about it since you can’t control which portion of your loan to pay off first, and since it’s basically a $600 principal… what’s that, like $20/year? (3.4% - not sure, from memory)
Any advice and/or clarification would be appreciated
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2021.09.17 17:19 GreekAres Disable work apps while not working

Hello I’m wondering if there’s a way to disable apps that i use for work like skype and others while I’m not working, and having it scheduled to turn off specific apps and notifications during the free time
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2021.09.17 17:19 00LiU000 [FT] ungifted Bonbon [LF] NMTs or Bells

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2021.09.17 17:19 Accomplished-Tap3353 Own a Chevrolet Bolt? Don't park within 50 feet of others cars, Chevy warns

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